Golf cart battery charging services

Free Golf Cart Battery Testing

Not sure if it's your batteries or an underlying issue? We run a series of tests to figure out what's going on with the most vital component on your golf cart. We'll give you advice and recommendations based on over 100 combined years of staff experience. Keep in mind, batteries must be charged to their fullest potential in order to be tested, so be sure to fully charge your batteries before bringing them in for diagnosis.

Home or Course Delivery and Core Haul Away

Delivery and haul away on full sets of golf cart batteries is available within a 50 mile radius of Downtown Houston. Click the "local delivery" option at check out to get a quote on new battery drop off and core battery haul away.

We do not do any installations on golf carts.

Golf cart battery charging services at republic battery

Battery Charging Services

Discharged battery got you down? Many times a discharged battery can be misdiagnosed as a bad cell, or even a bad charger. Most golf cart chargers won't turn on unless the batteries have at least a certain amount of voltage, so many times this leads people to believe they have a faulty charger. We'll charge your battery for free so that we may properly test it for any issues or defects.

Please only bring uninstalled batteries for diagnostics. We do not do any installation or uninstallation of batteries on or off site.

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Hardcore Batteries. Wholesale Prices.

An affordable alternative to US Battery Mfg Co and Trojan Battery

For years, our house brand battery was our biggest mover. With capacities rated same as their Trojan counterpart, our private label golf cart battery gives you the heavy duty capacity and performance of the premium brands at a more reasonable price. While discontinued the last few years, our line of golf cart batteries are coming back with a higher AH rating and an even better price.

Shop online or visit us in store today at our Houston office, conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Houston and The Texas Medical center, and see the difference that only 75 years of industry leading expertise makes. Come by and grab a set for your deep cycle application today!

18 Month Limited Warranty on all golf cart batteries
  • Consignment Program

    A consignment is great for in house users. You only pay for the batteries you use, and we check your stock regularly to assure it's ready when you need it.

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  • Battery Recycling

    We accept all types of lead acid batteries for disposal, including car batteries, UPS backup batteries, and industrial batteries.

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  • Drop Shipping

    We offer drop ship services to resellers on shippable items and local in-store pickup. We also offer local delivery and core haul away.

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  • Pallet and Container Price

    Commercial customers who buy in bulk get special pricing on pallet and container quantities across SLA, automotive, commercial and golf cart batteries. Start your own private label.

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  • Battery Consultancy

    We specialize in providing guidance, advice, and solutions related to lead acid batteries, including selection and specification, design, testing, management, as well compliance and safety.

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  • Custom Cable and Wire

    We specialize in custom battery cables that are tailored to your unique specifications and requirements. Our team has years of experience working with a wide range of industries and applications.

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