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86-3 Battery: 86 Group Size, 630cca 810ca 3yr Warranty Republic Brand

86-3 Battery: 86 Group Size, 630cca 810ca 3yr Warranty Republic Brand

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3 Year Warranty

Warranty 36 Month
BCI Group Size 86
Type Flooded Wet-Cell
Voltage 12
CCA Rating 630
CA Rating 810
L x W x H (mm) 230 x 173 x 203
L x W x H (inches) 9 1/16 x 6 13/16 x 8


Group 86 Wet Cell Maintenance Free Battery 630 Cold Cranking Amps 810 Cranking Amps

Introducing the 86-3 Wet Cell Maintenance Free Battery by Republic Battery - the perfect energy source for your automotive and marine needs. Built with top-of-the-line construction and high-quality materials, this battery is engineered to provide reliable and long-lasting performance.

At the heart of this battery is a powerful and efficient energy system that is designed to provide consistent performance in even the toughest conditions. With its high cranking power and reliable operation, it is capable of starting your vehicle quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you are always ready to hit the road or water.

This battery features a maintenance-free design, eliminating the need for regular upkeep, making it a hassle-free option for vehicle and boat owners. Its wet cell technology ensures a long lifespan and consistent performance, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

With a three-year warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. If any defects or issues arise, our warranty covers repairs and replacements, giving you peace of mind.

The 86-3 Wet Cell Maintenance Free Battery by Republic Battery is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles and boats, making it a versatile option for any application. Its compact size and durable construction make it a reliable and convenient energy source for all your automotive and marine needs.

The 86-3 Wet Cell Maintenance Free Battery by Republic Battery is a high-quality energy source that offers reliable and consistent performance for your automotive and marine needs. With its maintenance-free design and three-year warranty, it is sure to exceed your expectations. So why wait? Invest in the AM 86-3 Wet Cell Maintenance Free Battery today and experience the power and performance that your vehicle or boat deserves.

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Premium Car and Truck Batteries. 3 year warranty

3 Series Flooded Automotive Batteries


Looking for the best of the best when it comes to flooded wet cell car and truck batteries? Look no further than Republic Battery's 3 Series Batteries. These premium, high-quality batteries are designed to deliver unbeatable performance and durability, with a premium 3-year warranty that gives you peace of mind.

Our commitment to quality means that you can trust our 3 Series Batteries to deliver the reliable performance you need. Whether you're powering your car, truck, or other vehicle, these batteries provide the power you need to keep going. And with their premium construction and high-quality components, you can be sure that you're getting a battery that's built to last.

36 Month Limited Warranty

36 month warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 36 months from the date of purchase. During this warranty period, Republic Battery will replace the battery or provide a refund of the purchase price, at its sole discretion, if the battery fails due to a covered defect. This warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, improper installation, or other non-manufacturing factors. In no event shall Republic Battery be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of its products.


In-store pick up available at Republic Battery, 6130 Long Drive Houston, TX 77087. Wet cell batteries are not eligible for shipping, but may be eligible for local delivery on bulk orders.

If your item shows to be out of stock, you can call 713-645-2141 or email to verify as online availability may be slightly delayed compared to actual on hand availiabilty.

Core Exchange

The online price is with core exchange of old battery at pick-up. Don't have your core available right now? Don't sweat it! Just select the price without core exchange. Once you bring the old battery back, we will refund the core value back to you.

Core charges are $20.00 / battery for automotive batteries and are completely refundable.

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