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Battery Delivery Van

Weekly and Bi-weekly Route

We specialize in providing battery delivery and consignment services for in-house users and resellers. Our service is designed to ensure that our customers receive their batteries in a timely and efficient manner, without any disruptions to their operations or inventory.

Our Customers

  • Material Moving, Trucking and Transportation
  • Equipment Rental, Repair Service and Sales
  • Automotive Rental, Repair, Service, and Sales
  • Diesel Rental, Repair, Service, and Sales
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Hospitals and Office Buildings
  • Construction Companies 
  • Industrial Marine Suppliers
  • Property Maintenance
  • Service Companies with Large Fleets
  • School and Government Transportation
  • UPS Power Supply Sales and Service
  • Telecom Sales and Service
  • Golf Cart Sales, Repair, and Maintenance
  • General Governmental and Municipal Services
  • Stevedoring Services
  • Commercial Supply Sales
  • Utilities 
  • + More

Our goal as a wholesale battery provider is to reduce your overall waste, whether it be wasted time from a defective battery or lost revenue from not having the product you need when you need it. We're here to find any issues in your current process, provide a solution, and do so at a value that makes having Republic Battery as your battery provider a no brainer.

How Does it Work?

Our first goal is to learn as much about your business and battery process as possible.

  1. Types of equipment or machinery 
  2. Current processes for purchasing, service, and diagnostics
  3. Current battery provider
  4. Any issues with current provider service or product
  5. Any issue with your applications in general
  6. Buying history, if possible

 All these things together help us custom fit our service to your requirements and goals.


A consignment is an agreement between battery provider and customer where the provider puts their inventory at the customers place of business at no up front cost. Once an item is used or sold, a replacement item is delivered and the customer is presented with a bill for the used or sold item. Stock is checked weekly or bi-weekly, and inventory is rotated regularly to ensure products are always fresh. Our consignment service is considered a premium service, and is and has been our bread and butter for over 50 years.


Call-in customers are exactly that. We establish the customer's predetermined route day based on location. We help our customers decide their optimal stock levels, but leave it up to the customer to place orders as they see fit.

Orders received before 3:00pm will be delivered as soon as next day.

Each route customers pricing is custom and based on the following factors

  1. Customer Type (End User or Reseller)
  2. Usage (How Many and How Often)
  3. Location (How Far and How Often)
  4. Structure (Consignment or Call-in)
  5. Payment Terms (COD or Terms)
  6. Core Exchanges (Do you have old batteries for exchange?)

Interested in our route service? Click the link below to fill out a request or call 713-645-2141 during our normal business hours.


  • Consignment Services by Republic Battery

    Consignment Program

    A consignment is great for in house users. You only pay for the batteries you use, and we check your stock regularly to assure it's ready when you need it.

    Find out more 
  • Battery Recycling

    We accept all types of lead acid batteries for disposal, including car batteries, UPS backup batteries, and industrial batteries.

    Find out more 
  • Drop shipping with republic battery

    Drop Shipping

    We offer drop ship services to resellers on shippable items and local in-store pickup. We also offer local delivery and core haul away.

    Find out more 
  • Pallet and Container Price

    Commercial customers who buy in bulk get special pricing on pallet and container quantities across SLA, automotive, commercial and golf cart batteries. Start your own private label.

    Finf out more 
  • Battery Consultancy

    We specialize in providing guidance, advice, and solutions related to lead acid batteries, including selection and specification, design, testing, management, as well compliance and safety.

    Find out more 
  • Custom Cable and Wire

    We specialize in custom battery cables that are tailored to your unique specifications and requirements. Our team has years of experience working with a wide range of industries and applications.

    Find out More 

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