The 3 Best Flooded Golf Cart Batteries of 2023 : A REAL Expert Opinion

The 3 Best Flooded Golf Cart Batteries of 2023 : A REAL Expert Opinion

The Only (Flooded Lead Acid) Golf Cart Battery Manufacturers You Need to Know to get the Best Bang for your Buck!

Published 4/21/23

As a 4th generation, family owned and operated battery specialist serving Houston for over 75 years, we've sold our fair share of golf cart batteries. As a specialist, we are not limited to any particular manufacturers, but in 20+ years in the industry I've definitely developed a preference.

Your golf cart's batteries are the lifeblood of your golf cart. Defective, old, or even unmaintained golf cart batteries can lead to issues in performance, as well as problems with other components of the cart, such as the charger and the motor.

To preface this article, my rankings are based on VALUE for your application. My inspiration for writing this post came when reading other blog posts and articles about the "top manufacturers" in the industry, that were seemingly written by AI, bots, or someone who doesn't know what the hell they are talking about. My recommendations are based on 20+ years of selling and scrapping golf cart batteries. I've dealt with everyone from hardcore golfers that play multiple times a week, so the weekend warrior puttin' around the neighborhood. 

Let's get started with #1 on our list. Like most high performance products, the top dog is usually the most expensive, but for good reason.


# 1

Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery Company is widely regarded as the best golf cart battery on the market. Trojan specializes in the production of deep-cycle batteries for a wide range of applications, including golf carts, aerial work platforms, floor cleaning machines, renewable energy systems, and backup power for critical systems. The company's batteries are known for their high performance, long lifespan, and reliability.

Trojan's been around forever, and has perfected their manufacturing processes.

6V Trojan Batteries

Trojan T105 ( 225 AH )

Trojan's T105, a 6V 225 AH Flooded Lead-Acid Battery, is the industry standard for 6V golf cart batteries. Our biggest mover, the T105 provides reliable deep cycle power at a current price point of around 189.95 + core exchange with an 18 month warranty, which nets out to around $0.85 / AH.

Trojan T125 ( 240 AH ) 

Trojan's T125, 6V 240 AH Flooded Lead-Acid Battery, a great alternative to the T105 for those looking for a little more run time. Typically used for commercial applications like floor scrubbers and scissor lifts, the T125 offers a higher AH rating than the T105 in the same size box. Current cost is 219.95 / unit + core exchange, netting out to around $0.92 / AH.

Trojan T145 ( 260 AH )

Trojan's T125, 6V 260 AH Flooded Lead-Acid Battery, a great alternative to the T105 and T125, in a slightly taller box with the same footprint. These are typically used for commercial applications, but are a great alternative if you can go a littler taller. These are great for Bad Boy Buggies and other high performance golf carts. Cost / ah rating is about $0.96 / ah at 249.95 plus core exchange.


A note on higher amperage batteries

For those looking for a higher amperage battery, it does come with some caveats. Aside from the higher price point, higher amp batteries also have higher lead content. This means the battery is heavier than it's lighter counterparts of a lesser AH rating. Furthermore, more leads means less water - so you may want to check your water levels more frequently for your regular maintenance program.


8V Batteries

Trojan T875 ( 170 AH ) 

Trojan's T875 Battery is our best selling 8V golf cart battery by far. With a whopping 170 ah, a higher rating than most standard 8V golf cart batteries, this battery is competitively priced at 199.95 + core exchange, netting out to $1.18 / AH rate. 


12V Batteries

Trojan T1275 ( 150 AH ) 

Trojan's T1275 battery is the industry standard for 12V golf cart batteries. With 150 AHs, it provides long lasting power for your 48V golf cart. At 279.95 / unit, you're looking at around $1.86 / AH, however keep in mind you only need 4 units to make a complete set. Net cost for a set is actually cheaper than 8V - but don't take that to mean you can sub 4 of these in place of 6- 8Vs. For one, you probably won't have the suitable space to make that arrangement work. For 2, golf cart manufacturers kind of got away from the 12Vs for a reason - you're always better of spreading the load across as many batteries as possible - so even though the 4 12Vs will provide comparable AH rating to the 8V alternatives, the overall system won't last as long considering your spreading the load across fewer batteries!



US Battery Mfg Co.

US battery Logo

US Battery comes in at #2 on our list. US offers a high quality, deep cycle product at a lower price point and, many times, more amperage. Made in America like Trojan, US is our second most requested manufacturer, and it's a great alternative to Trojan. 

While US offers their black box E series, and we stock it, we are going to stick with the higher rated batteries for the sake of this list, as they  offer the best value and performance. You can find the alternatives by clicking the US Battery logo, which will take you to our main US Battery page.

6V US Batteries

US2200 (6V 232 AH)

The US2200 is a great value and probably my leading recommendation for those who want high performance at a reasonable price. At 159.95 / unit plus core exchange, your getting 232 AH at about $0.69 / AH. Just like other high output batteries, checking water levels regularly and optimal charging practices is the best way to assure that you get the longest life possible out of your units.

We will cover maintenance and charging practices in a future post!

8V US Batteries


At 8V 170 AH, US8V is a solid alternative to the Trojan T875 and comparable products. At 169.95 / unit net core exchange, these are priced $30.00 less / unit than the Trojans at the same AH rating. This nets out to around 1.00 / AH. Again, check connections and water levels regularly to assure optimal performance.

12V US Batteries


At 12V 155 AH, the US 12VRX XC2 offers slightly more than the 150 AH T1275 at about a $40.00 cheaper price point. Net core exchange, you're looking at 239.95 / unit, which nets out to about $1.55, which is about typical for 12V units. Great product, great manufacturer, unbeatable value!


# 3

Republic Battery

Republic Golf Cart Batteries

Of course, we have to include the homer pick! We source out private label golf cart batteries from top tier manufactures in South America. They offer the same AH output as their Trojan counterpart, and is a great alternative for those on a budget but still want a quality product.

6V Republic Batteries

RGC-105 ( 6V 225 AH )

Our RGC-105, 6V 225 AH is a great alternative to Trojan. It offers the same 225 AH rating at a much better price point of $149.95, netting out to around $0.67 / Ah. Manufactured in South America, we only source proven and reliable manufacturers for our house battery, and have been doing so for over 2 decades.


8V Republic Batteries

RGC-875 ( 6V 170 AH )

Our house 8V is an excellent alternative to the T875. At 159.95 / unit, these are also about $40.00 cheaper on a unit basis than the T875, netting out to $0.94 / ah. Same trusted manufactures with a name you can trust!



12V Republic Batteries

RGC-1275 ( 6V 170 AH )

The RGC-1275 is an excellent alternative to the T1275 wiht a higher AH rating. At 249.95 / unit, these are also about $30.00 cheaper on a unit basis than the T1275, netting out to $1.47 / ah. 


That sums up our list of our Top 3 flooded lead acid manufacturers. Regardless of which you choose, I cannot stress enough how important maintenance is for wet cell batteries. If maintenance is an issue, it's best to go with the most affordable option, because regardless of which product you go with, it won't last like it's supposed to if proper maintenance isn't an option,  so you may as well spend less money in the process!

Check out our other blog posts for more insight into charging, maintenance, and other golf cart related issues.

I truly help this post gives you some guidance in making your golf cart battery purchase. Your batteries are probably going to be your biggest investment for your golf cart, so it's important to do your due diligence to find the best product for your application and budget. 

If you have any further questions, even if you don't plan on purchasing from us, feel free to shoot me an email at or call me directly at 713-645-2141 during our normal business hours. We're here to help you any way we can, regardless of the brand you choose or where you get them!


Thanks for checking us out and hit em hard!!


Adam Ansel


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